The Association is represented by members on a variety of fire-service related committees.  Committee service is determined by board president appointment or recommendation.

2017 OFDDA Committee Assignments



In addition to statutes set by the Oregon State Legislature, DPSST’s overall mission is guided by the 24-member Board on Public Safety Standards and Training, and six discipline-specific, public safety policy committees. The Board and committees are integrally involved in setting the agency’s Oregon Administrative Rules, which legally guide the implementation of the agency’s statutory obligations; the Board and committees also provide input into, and make decisions regarding training standards and certification requirements; they review individual c certification cases; and, they help set the agency’s high-level goals for the future. The Board and committees meet quarterly.  By law, OFDDA has a representative on the Board. 

Bylaws and Policies Committee

The Bylaws and Policies Committee annually reviews the Association’s constitution, bylaws, and policies, making any recommendations to the board for revising these documents.  For additional information, see OFDDA Policy 135. This Committee meets as needed.

Governor’s Fire Service Policy Council

The Fire Service Policy Council was created by statute to advise the Governor and the Legislature on issues affecting the fire service.  OFDDA holds one seat on the Council.  The Association’s Board of Directors submits a candidate for gubernatorial appointment to the Council.  The Council meets 6 to 10 times a year.

Conference Committee

The Conference Committee is responsible for planning the Annual Oregon Fire Service Conference.  In keeping with Policy 136, the Chair of the Committee shall be the First Vice President or alternate.  Members shall include the Second vice President, one or two Board members appointed by the President, the President, and the Executive Director or designee.  This committee normally meets on a monthly basis from February to October.

SDAO Legislative Committee & Joint Fire Service Legislative Committee

The Association President appoints the OFDDA representatives to the Joint Fire Service Legislative Committee.  Chairmanship of the committee alternates biannually between OFDDA and the Oregon Fire Chiefs’ Association.  The Committee reviews legislation during the legislative sessions and provides direction to the Association’s representatives.  In addition, the OFDDA representatives also serve on the Legislative Committee of the Special Districts Association of Oregon (SDAO).  The Joint Fire Service Legislative Committee meets semimonthly during legislative sessions.  SDAO’s Legislative Committee meets semimonthly during legislative sessions and bimonthly during the interim.

National Association of Elected Fire Officials

The National Association of Fire Officials (NAEFO) is comprised of elected fire service officials.  The association has three levels of membership:  state (comprised of statewide associations such as OFDDA), individual (open to any elected fire service official), and associate (open to any individual or organization affiliated with the fire service).  Each state member holds one seat and one alternate position on the NAEFO board of directors.  The OFDDA President appoints the Association’s representative and alternate.  NAEFO meets four to six times per year, typically out of state.

Nominations Committee

The Nominations Committee consults with interested members to develop a list of candidates for election to the OFDDA Board of Directors at the Association’s annual conference.  For additional information, see OFDDA Policy 132. 

Oregon Life Safety Team

The Oregon Life Safety Team coordinates and implements consistent statewide fire prevention messages, campaigns, and model programs.

 Property Committee

The Committee meets as needed and is responsible for making recommendations to the Board of Directors regarding the maintenance, construction, and general operations of the Oregon Fire Service Center.  For additional information, see OFDDA Policy 149. 

Ambassador Committee

The Ambassador Committee is comprised of two Board members appointed at the discretion of the President for the purpose of member and non-member Board outreach and for the purpose of promoting the OFDDA.  The Committee shall develop talking points and identify key contacts for individual Districts.  The Committee shall also identify individuals to be responsible for outreach to various regions throughout the State.

Budget Committee

The Budget committee shall coordinate with OFDDA Execuitive Director and prepare a draft annual OFDDA budget for review by the Board of Directors prior to the Annual Conference.

OFCA Fire Insurance Task Force 

The Oregon Fire Chiefs Association (OFCA) Fire Insurance Task Force mission is to evaluate and identify options for a credible science/performance based fire insurance rating system that assesses the ability of fire agencies to reduce the risk to both insurance agencies and property owners in Oregon.

OFCA Volunteer 360 Task Force

The Oregon Fire Chiefs Association (OFCA)Volunteer 360 Task Force Mission is to develop a recommended best practices document for Oregon Fire Service volunteer firefighter recruitment and retention, with a specific focus on reimbursement and compensation issues.

OFCA Collaborative Interface Taxation Committee

The Mission of the OFCA Collaborative Interface Taxation Committee is to evaluate the impacts of forest designation and taxation on Oregon’s rural fire protection districts. Goals and objectives are as follows:

  • To determine if there is a problem within the state.
  • Identify impacted stakeholders regarding the issue.
  • Develop a fact sheet detailing how forestlands are taxed/protected within Oregon.
  • Determine how other western states tax vacant forestland.
  • Prepare recommendations

Vacant Lands Committee

Law Enforcement Task Force (GFPC)

Past Presidents Committee                                        

The purpose of this Policy is to establish a Committee to provide an opportunity for Past Presidents of the OFDDA to be involved in meeting the objectives of the organization as defined in the OFDDA Constitution and Bylaws.

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